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4.2.2 Deleting members including GDPR compliance



  • Marion Clyde

    Surely  a member who has resigned or lapsed should be removed from groups, not just have their details hidden using Hide Contact Details from Group Leaders? Hiding their details does not prevent a group leader emailing them. And if the group has a maximum number set, non-current members would still count towards it, possibly taking up places that current members could fill. Unfortunately, there is no function in Beacon to easily remove a member from all their groups. I'm sure it's been requested but doubt it will ever get to the top of the priority list.

  • Lyn Bossons

    The article has been amended in response to the valid comment from Marion Clyde.

  • Richard Drake

    Until now we have always deleted all contact details from lapsed, deceased ot resigned members just retaining their name.  However, I have just tried to do that for a recently resigned member and I am getting a message that there must be an address. Is that a new check? It is unhelpful. To comply with GDPR I think we should remove as many details as possible.  If this limitation remains the only way to do that is to remove the former member entirely,


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