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4.6 Non-renewals



  • Peter Quiggin (Furness u3a)

    In the Beacon User Guide, the "Dealing with Non-renewals" section of the "4.6 Non-Renewals" page starts with a note saying "this display lists Current members and not Lapsed members".

    I find this confusing, and I imagine that which class(es) of membership the lists includes depends on which of the two "Show" options is chosen. Am I right in thinking that: -

    • If "Members who did not renew last year (with 12 weeks grace)
      and who are still recorded as 'current'" is chosen, then "this display lists Current members, not already-Lapsed members"
    • If "Members who have not renewed for 7 years
      and who should now be deleted" is chosen, then "this display lists all members who have not renewed in the last 7 years"

    Is that right?

    Peter Quiggin, Furness u3a

  • Graeme Bunting

    Peter - you are correct. The article has been updated accordingly.


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